Certain things have a way of returning unexpectedly,
often after a lengthy absence.

The Emigrants

The Family Project

|Work in progress|

The Family Project inquires about memory and how the events experienced by the ancestors affect subsequent generations. This is the story of a shipwrecked belonging to the same family, who are survivors of the tragic events that have marked the twentieth century.

My family has emigrated tirelessly since the late nineteenth century to the present. From my ancestors Jews in Czarist Russia, I've drawn a timeline that takes one hundred years and an erratic journey on maps. I followed the traces through two World Wars, migrations from Europe to America, dictatorship and guerrilla in Latin America and again a new generation of migrants from America to Europe, as myself when I was child.

The Family Project explores family memory, but also memory lapses and oblivion, using archive material (photographs and documents) and photographing the places where my family passed through.